Introductory Program


Kenpo Ki Do Karate is a lethal and potentially dangerous Martial Art System. The Self Defense Studio of STEGER, IL. DOES NOT teach its students to fight.
The Studio DOES NOT  advocate violence, or aggression of any kind.
We teach our students to defend themselves in the event that they are threatened with great bodily harm.
Self Defense Law
Martial Arts Training comes with great responsibility.
Please visit out “Curriculum Page” and review our Code of Conduct.

For the above mentioned purpose and in order to maintain the integrity of the Art, ALL VISITORS requesting MEMBERSHIP with Self Defense Studio must qualify as a student.
All criteria for qualification must be completed as follows:
#1 Schedule and attend an interview with the instructor
(by appointment only)
#2 Complete (3) initial lessons with the instructor
Each initial lesson is a private, one-on-one instruction lasting 30 minutes (one-half-hour)
#3 All admissions and information forms must be complete, current and accurate

The three initial lessons are an opportunity for the visitor
to evaluate the studio, the system of martial arts they will be learning, and the quality of instruction they will be receiving.
It is also an opportunity for the instructor to evaluate the student;
their balance, hand-eye-coordination, stamina, and focus; their ability to listen, follow instruction, and accept correction, as well as their attitude and temperament.
Above all,
It is an opportunity for the instructor to evaluate the students motivation, desire, and commitment to becoming a life long student of an exciting and challenging Martial Art.
If you are such a person, who believes themselves qualified to embark upon such a journey,
I look forward to extending an invitation to you.

Sensei Joe


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Kenpo Ki Do Karate

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Monday - Friday

4:00 - 9:30 pm

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(by appointment)


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