I am a Kenpo Student, and this is my student promise.
I promise to use my art only for self defense and never for the purpose violence.
I promise to respect all my instructors, to be polite to all students, and to practice safety at all times.
I promise to practice discipline, self control, and respect for others in school, as well as at home.
I am a Kenpo student, and this is my student promise.


Integrity I am my word

Discipline I am teachable

Respect I give it freely

Responsibility I give up my right to blame

Leadership I am the example

Compassion I am as I treat others


SELF MASTERY #1 – Self-respect = The respect you show yourself, is equal and proportionate to the respect you show others, which is equal and proportionate to the respect others show you.    

SELF MASTERY #2 – Self-confidence = To have something to believe in, and to have someone who believes in you is truly a blessing, when you can believe in yourself, you become the blessing.      

SELF MASTERY #3 – Self-control = The ability to control others may bring you greatness, but the ability to control yourself will bring you nobility among the greatest. 



I come to you with open hands,
other weapons I have not.
But should Right or Honor require it,
My hands will bear me out.

The foundation of our Martial Arts Curriculum is a solid Code of Conduct outlined in the Student Promise.
The Student Promise is defined by the Studios' Critical Six.
The Critical Six is then demonstrated and reinforced by the Art of Representation.
It is from this point that Martial Arts training begins.


“Be the best of who you are,
no matter where you are.”

All students are disciplined in
The Art of Representation.
They learn to recognize the many groups they represent on a daily bases, and the potential to impact those groups for better or worse. Each member is encouraged to take responsibility for how they represent their communities, their families, their teachers, their schools and their Art. 


Martial arts training isn’t just about how to kick, punch, and do cool techniques

Martial arts training is about COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, AND EFFORT 

You will only get out of your training what you put into your training. 

Do YOUR best! Be YOUR best, and everyone will see the BEST in YOU.



 We will walk the way
of the Peaceful Warrior.
Armed only with Integrity, Discipline,
and Respect,
we will stand for splendid virtue,
for high endeavor,
and sublime wisdom.
We will be a light, not a judge;
a model, not a critic.
We will be apart of the solutions,
not apart of the problems.
We will be ambassadors
of our families, our communities
and our Art.
We will be the best of who we are,
no matter where we are.
We are today’s Responsible
and Compassionate Leaders. 



 Our vision is that every member
of the Self Defense Studio
becomes a powerful presence
in his and her community in such a manner
as to make a positive and profound impact.

ADULT GROUP CLASSES: All adult students (13 and over) are allowed unlimited access to train at anytime during studio hours at no additional costs

FAMILY GROUP CLASSES: All students are allowed unlimited Family Group lessons during our studio hours at no additional costs. 


Bridging Communities, Building Character, Being Leadership 


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